Fuel Induction Service

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7 Signs You Need A Fuel Induction Service 

This service is recommended to prevent emissions failure, engine pinging problems, rough idle problems, hard starting and stalling. These issues can be associated with:

  1. Slower pickup when you step on your gas pedal
  2. Shaking or vibrating while your car is in idle
  3. Lower fuel efficiency
  4. A rougher ride than usual
  5. Loss of power
  6. Check engine light is on
  7. Emission testing failure

How Often Is A Fuel Induction Service Needed?

A fuel induction service is usually recommended for most vehicles around 60k miles or so. Routine maintenance of your fuel system can prevent many long term problems, engine damage and cold starts. If your car is showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it could mean you need a fuel induction service.

It doesn't take much to clog your fuel injectors. Their openings are roughly half the size of a pinhole. It only takes an 8 - 10 percent blockage to cause a misfire in your engine.  That's why it's so important to have your fuel injectors serviced. This is the type of service that offers instant and noticeable improvements to your vehicle's performance, including:

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Better engine performance
  • Faster acceleration
  • Lowers harmful emission levels
  • Cleans fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum & air intake
  • Removes the combustion chamber deposits
  • Corrects the balance of the fuel and air inside the system
Some vehicles may be higher. See Dealer for details. Add for tax and shop supplies.
Offer expires: 12/30/2021


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